marketing support and resources

After your first order, we’ll send you our “marketing + product” guide and photo assets to help make things easier on your end. As well, we will be sending over a small info card to display next to the candles to help introduce the brand to your customers.

candle care

In the welcome package, it’ll contain candle care tips if your customers have questions about how to extend the life of your candle/ best practices for wood wicks. 

minimum order quantity + store display testers

We have a minimum order value of $600 CAD, and a re-order minimum of $400 CAD. Each order is purchased in packs of 4 .

Store display testers are available at a lower price if the case bundle is purchased for that particular scent.

scent samples to try before first order:

Can’t decide which scents your customers will like the most? We have it covered. We’re happy to offer new partners sample packs to sniff us IRL (shipping included within North America!) 

Please note: These are tealight samples only.

Only approved accounts that are logged in will have access to samples and testers.


Shipping costs are calculated at 8% of your gross total and taxable in Canada. Both ground and express shipping options are available. A tracking link will be sent in your shipping confirmation email. We typically ship with Canada Post, Purolator or UPS.

special requests

If you need a smaller starting order or want to request special payment terms, shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help out! 

To access wholesale pricing, samples, testers, and marketing support, please apply to open an account here or log in here.