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Woodland | Leather + Saffron + Pine (Pack of 4)

Woodland | Leather + Saffron + Pine (Pack of 4)

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thoughtfully crafted to transport you to a cozy, fireside evening with a good book in hand! enjoy “woodland’s” alluring blend of leather, saffron and pine - a unique and sultry combination that will delight and soothe your senses. relaxation is at your fingertips… literally!

notes: leather + saffron + pine + cedarwood

4 oz - $24  // burn time: 20-25 hours
8 oz - $40 // burn time: 40-45 hours

all candles are hand-poured in Canada and a tree is planted with every purchase. 

please note the price above is for a pack of four.

the fall/winter collection will be shipped in late august.

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